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What is Raster To Vector?

RasterToVector is a professional raster-to-vector image conversion program that lets you quickly convert uneditable scanned paper drawings (JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc.) into accurate vector files for editing in any CAD program. It saves the converted file as a vector file (DXF, PDF, SVG) which can be shared via Email, Dropbox, iTunes, or opened and edited with any CAD software. RasterToVector will relieve you from the burden of tracing by hand and will greatly improve your work efficiency. Suitable for designers, engineers, architects and online publishers whose work often involves creating high quality, scaleable, editable images and blueprints.

How to vectorize?

Vectorization is to convert raster photos in such formats as jpg, png,tif and bmp into DXF files viewable by AutoCAD. It mainly supports vector export of DXF,PDF,SVG files, and currently supports centerline and outline vectorization.

Vectorize steps.

1: Open a raster photo.

2: Click . at the bottom of the screen.

3: Click the "Center" menu for centerline vectorization and the "Outline" menu for outline vectorization.

Centerline Vectorization Result Outline Vectorization Result

4: Before vectorization,if the raster photo is not a single bitmap(black and white mode), the "Thesholding" dialog will be poped up. you can set the threshold parameter on this dialog. click OK button, Raster To Vector will convert the image to black and white mode.

5: After vectorization, the blue line is vector data and gray line raster data.


1:Support centerline and outline vectorization.

2:Support (DXF, PDF, SVG) files export.

3:Support sharing file with iTunes and dropbox.


1:RasterToVector is capable of processing large engineering drawings. Quickly upload a scanned drawing and convert it real time to an editable vector CAD image.

2:Vector images produced by RasterToVector can be manipulated and edited with a higher degree of precision than raster images, and lose no quality when scaling up or down. The result is a high-quality, professional image file.

3:Simple operation. It is very easy to use, portable, and much more cost-effective than similar online or desktop raster-to-vector programs.

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